Golf Course Improvement Project:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the 2017 Golf Course Improvement Project?

The project has two primary components. The first component is a bunker renovation in which plans are to renovate all bunkers and to remove some bunkers. Short cut chipping areas will be introduced as we enhance the green surrounds associated with the bunker renovation.

The second component is to upgrade the core of our golf course, the green surfaces. We will significantly expand 6 greens, slightly modify 10, and add an additional 16,000+ sq. ft. of green surface.

Bunker Renovation Key Deliverables

Reposition and reshape bunkers
Install proper drainage
Install “Better Billy Bunker” lining system (Developed @ Augusta and used @ Hazeltine)
Finish with Ohio’s best white sand
Locations where bunkers are removed to be reshaped and converted to fairway, bluegrass rough, or bentgrass closely mown areas.

Green Modifications Key Deliverables

Modify and soften slopes by expanding greens on 4, 6, 7, 9, 12, 13.
Slight modifications to green shape/edges on 1, 5, 8, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

How will the Golf Course Improvement Project benefit Members?

While we can’t guarantee everyone’s bunker play will improve, our new consistent/quality sand surface will provide you more opportunities to hit bunker shots like the pros’s (or consistently get out on your first attempt)!

The “wow factor” aesthetics will clearly enhance every members’ enjoyment of the outdoors while at MVCC and also enhance members pride of belonging to an exceptionally beautiful club.

Our widened fairways and new chipping areas will increase enjoyment by providing you more options to execute what Phil Mickelson calls the most fun shot in golf…the recovery shot.

Our green modifications will ad interest/variety for everyone on a daily basis by increasing pinnable locations. Our larger putting surfaces will clearly allow you to make more putts and on those holes where slopes will be softened… perhaps less three putts! (once again no guarantees :))

How will the project benefit both the high and low handicap golfer?

Our course will become more playable/enjoyable for higher handicap golfers as a result of removing bunkers, adding chipping areas, enlarging greens, and widening fairways.

It will become more challenging/interesting for the lower handicap golfer through more strategic placement of fairway bunkers especially on the par 5s, new pinnable locations on the greens, and increased strategic options.

What is the impact on play?

The golf course will remain open through construction and every effort will be made to have 18 playable holes daily. Our priority is to execute this plan on schedule, within budget, and safely for our workers and members. Members can expect one or two holes to be closed daily through construction.

To facilitate our effort we are planning to develop an enhanced temporary green on 2+ of our par 5 holes. (Probably 5/15) As needed these can split into a par 3 from existing tees to the enhanced temporary green and a Par 4 from a temporary tee to existing green. Once worked on, existing greens will be open for play with newly laid sod or seeded areas being played as ground under repair.

How are we “Restoring Raynor” to MVCC within this project?

Seth Raynor’s design standards/features include links oriented strategy-angles-options, strategically positioned sod faced – flat bottom bunkers (often Steep & Deep) and large-raised-square fronted greens.

Thus all our bunkers will be restored in true Raynor fashion and will be placed to enhance classic links strategy, the greens we modify will be enlarged/squared off in front, and the fairways will widen to provide more angles and options.

Raynor was also known for his template holes/greens patterned after classic holes from across the pond. Specifically he was widely acclaimed for his interesting and challenging collection of short hole designs, thus particular attention has been paid to our par 3’s

Raynor’s “Mount Rushmore” of template par 3 designs are… Redan-Eden-Biarritz-Short. Some or all were included on courses Raynor was involved with, at MVCC we are honored to have the foundation for all four! In this project we are restoring some of the key features which define each and thus significantly increasing our “Raynor Footprint.”

The Master plan contains significant changes on holes 2, 3 & 4 including a new location for #3 green. Are these changes included in the 2017 project?

No, the rebuilding of #2/3 green and rerouting of #3/4 which includes moving and rebuilding the third green in classic Raynor punchbowl fashion, are not included. Although the green modification and bunkers for #4 green are included.

The primary reason for this is financial/budgetary and rebuilding #2/3 greens and rerouting holes 3/4 remain a key part of our long term master plan. Thus our approach in the current project on these holes is designed appropriately.

We are eliminating a few bunkers and only putting Ohio’s Best white sand within the others, including the fairway bunkers on 3/4 and greenside on 2/3. This means in the future if membership desires, improving these holes as proposed could be accomplished with minimal duplication in expenses, effort, and impact on play.

When will the project start/end?

This is a fall 2017 project. Ground breaking will begin August 1 2017 and barring an unpredictable weather setback the project would be completed in early November 2017.


Bunker Renovation & Green Modification Project

High‐Level Project Narrative and Key Deliverables

The primary objective of the proposed 2017 golf course improvement project is to address current issues with our bunkers and greens. As we address these issues our focus is to increase our “Raynor Footprint”, playability for mid/high handicaps and challenge for lower handicaps.

Our bunker renovation will be state of the art and significantly enhance the aesthetics of our course, provide a more consistent surface for all golfers to enjoy and fix the mechanical issues we currently experience (holding water, washing out, contamination, bunker edge structural integrity degradation).

Some bunkers will be removed, renovated bunkers will be constructed in true Raynor fashion and located to increase playability for some… challenge for others. The greens we modify will be enlarged, squared off in front, and chipping areas will be introduced. Fairways will widen to provide more angles/options and key features which define Raynor template holes/greens will be restored.

Overall Project Objective

Complete a golf course improvement project in line with MVCC Master Plan and member priorities at a cost not to exceed $1.3 million while having minimal impact to play during construction.

Key Deliverables

  •  Complete bunker renovation using modern drainage components, Ohio’s Best white sand and Better Billy bunker liners developed at Augusta and used at Hazeltine
  •  Expand certain greens to address grade/slope issues (4, 6, 7, 9, 12, 13) and modify most greens to a square‐fronted style with chipping areas.
  •  Complete project with minimal impact on play while the golf course remains open through construction.

The project elements selected will allow our membership to enjoy a significant golf course improvement, keep the golf course open through construction and finish the project on budget.

Much like the recent improvements to the putting green and short game practice area, this improvement is expected to have “wow factor” impact with our members as well as the Minnesota golf community.