Hole # 6 Work Under Way

One of the best vistas on the course has been restored with the removal of the fir trees at the corner of #6. Beginning at the fifth green, golfers now have a half mile view across the sixth hole and lake, past the covered bridge and all the way to the clubhouse.

Selective removal and trimming has and will be completed near the green site as well, eliminating unnecessary obstacles to well struck approach shots. This will also create proper visuals for our 2 new left greenside bunkers. We’ve already seen a substantial increase in the amount of valuable morning sunlight reaching this green, something sure to improve the long term quality of the putting surface.

Improvements are also underway left of the green site. This dense area of mostly undesirable trees and brush (noxious Buckthorn) was unnecessary and forced the Hole #6 Tree and Brush Removal near Greencart path and OB line too close the green. We are currently removing the undesirable growth and leaving in place selective hardwoods. This will allow the cart path to be relocated further away from the green as it approaches the site, yet still provide close accessibility to the green for those using carts.

Even better, the out-of-bounds line has been moved all the way to the eastern edge of the property line. Any errant shots left of the green will now most likely be in-bounds, found, and played.



Short Game Practice Area Bunkers

The first bunkers to be renovated with Better Billy Bunker liners and Ohios Best White sand will be the 2 practice area bunkers. Duininck Golf will be on site in June for a few days to complete this initial project which will allow the Construction Committee to get a glimpse of the process and “test” the sand. Once completed we encourage all members to experience for themselves our new sand… please report any immediate and dramatic improvement in your bunker play to the pro shop 😃


Plan for 18 Playable Holes

Mike Brower & crew have already begun working on our Enhanced Temporary Green (ETG)  plan which will allow us to have 18 holes available for play throughout our project.

A ETG will be developed on all of our par 5s (1,5,10,15,18) allowing us to split them into 2 holes as needed (Details Below). The ETG’s will be larger, smoother, and more playable than a typical temporary green thus no automatic 2 putt rule will be invoked.

The locations for our ETG’s have been determined and in the next few weeks these areas will be marked as Ground Under Repair/Mandatory Drop so we can develop the smoothest surface possible by 7/31.

ETGs Transform Par Fives into Two Holes

For safety, efficiency, and speed of play reasons, during the project we anticipate consistently using a minimum of 2, usually 3-4, and up to 5 of our ETGS. Our par 5s when “split” will play as follows:

Hole #1

Par 3 from existing tees to ETG; Gold 160 Blue 155 Copper 145 Green 100

Par 4 from fairway tees to existing green; Gold/Blue 310 Copper 280 Green 260

Hole #5

Par 3 from existing tees to ETG; Gold 190 Blue 155 Copper 100 Green 90

Par 4 from fairway tees to existing green; Gold/Blue 320 Copper 280 Green 255

Hole #10

Par 4 from existing tees to ETG; Gold 330 Blue 310 Copper 280 Green 190

Par 3 from fairway tees to existing green; Gold/Blue 140 Copper/Green 120

Hole #15

Par 4 from existing tees to ETG; Gold 390 Blue 370 Copper 290 Green 250

Par 3 from fairway tees to existing green; Gold/Blue 145 Copper 135 Green 125

Hole #18

Par 4 from existing tees to ETG; Gold/Blue 355 Copper 260 Green 240

Par 3 from fairway tees to existing green; Gold/Blue 185 Copper/Green 120

New Course/Hole Ratings and Custom Scorecards

Matt Paulius/Pro Shop will be establishing new Course/Hole ratings and handicap posting guidelines which address the various course routing scenarios the project will present. They will also be producing custom scorecards as needed which accurately present the current hole sequence-yardage-handicap-par for membership play. Thus throughout the project you will be able to play matches, give handicap shots for games, and post scores.