I think we’re having a great golf season to date… hats off to my staff for working their tails off to make the course great!

1) The new drainage, Better Billy liner, and Ohio Best white sand will be installed inIMG_1847 the two practice bunkers Wednesday and Thursday, July 5th and 6th. The larger of those two bunkers had a very significant buildup of sand on the slopes due to sand splashing up from shots and therefore needs to be re-sodded. The smaller of the two doesn’t see as much use and will not need sod. This means that after the bunkers have the new sand, the smaller one will open immediately for use, while the larger one will need 14-21 days for the sod to root and become established before we can use it.

2) I took a worthwhile trip to one of our project sod suppliers, Heath Farms/Central Wisconsin Sod, this past Monday near Coloma, Wisconsin. Their bentgrass sod is impressive, and I was able to bring back samples to begin growing on our nursery, as well as soil samples. We will be purchasing all of our fairway and collar height sod from them (well over an acre of it).

Much of the bentgrass sod we use on greens will come from right here on our nursery along with the west end of the putting green, which will then be seeded and grown back in. This will assure us of having a very high quality and compatible sod for our green modifications. Most of the green extensions will be seeded.

3) Maintenance and management of our Enhanced Temporary Greens (ETGS) for the project has begun on all of our par fives. The exact locations will become more obvious to golfers as we gradually lower our height of cut on them and regularly topdress them with sand. After the Heritage we will be making these ETG’s mandatory Ground Under Repair so we can greatly reduce divots on them and heal in those currently on the surfaces.

The final shape of the green will then be painted with white turf paint so players and staff can clearly see where the edge of the green is. Again, this will become more apparent as we mow them closer and more frequently. We will make them as good as possible and my goal is to have a green speed of 9 on the stimpmeter.

4) You will see some pre-project work being being completed on the course during July. This includes:

  • locating and marking irrigation piping, wiring, and valves;
  • removing portions of existing asphalt paths on holes #5,6, & 12 and replacing it with natural crushed redrock;
  • spraying non-selective herbicide to kill grass surrounding the first six holes that will be under construction- this will occur after the Monday golf event on July 19th, weather permitting.

Our project begins soon, I’m anxious to get started and excited to see the results!

Mike Brower – Golf Course Superintendent