It’s hard to miss the spray painted colored lines-dots-numbers, flags-stakes, and the brown grass around our first 3 holes to be worked on 6,7, & 12. The following will give you insight on what it all means and why we are killing grass on our beautiful golf course!

Brown Grass in August

Mike Brower and staff successfully sprayed construction disturbed areas a few weeks ago without any overspray into fairway, collar, or putting green surfaces. They did this on the first 5 holes to be worked on and will continue to do it in the coming weeks on other holes. This not only expedites the construction process… it also saves us money! When our contractor begins moving dirt dead grass can simply be plowed in with the existing dirt where green grass would have to be removed by the contractor and/or cannot be mixed in with the soil.


Colored Paint

The Red and Blue lines around greens mark irrigation system water lines (blue) and the electrical wiring (red) associated with the programable automatic sprinkler system


The orange lines outline the outside edge of the new green or bunker. The numbers indicate the amount of soil to be filled (+) or cut (-) to attain the desired surface level for the area.



The orange dotted lines on the green mark how much of the existing green will be cut into… surface removed – shaped – new soil base added – surface replaced.


This orange circle on the green marks the center of the new green from which Bill Bergin makes all his measurements to communicate/define the contractors work.


The Blue/Red stakes mark our main water lines which of course we want to make sure are not cut into/damaged during construction.