Hole #7 – EDEN

Mike Brower and staff tackled the important task of modifying the right side of #7 green. Mike did all the green surface sod cutting… part of it by hand with his knife!


Then our entire MVCC team pitched in to roll up and systematically remove the sod so it could be replaced accurately.



Mike did the grading with his favorite John Deere Tractor:



After detailed review by Bill the sod was replaced… this entire process was accomplished in just 2 days. In the following pictures you can see the softening of the slope and envision our new front right pin location… just over the STRATH Bunker!



The same process was done on the front left yet not for the purpose of softening the slope so it is pinable. The green is being squared off and the left front chipping area is being raised – tied into the collar. This will be a new/larger closely mown area and recovery for par will be easier than in the past!


The new back portion of this green will be a softer version of the old… with a wider slight spine that runs down the middle. It will be filled, shaped, and seeded in the next 7-10 days weather permitting.