Hopefully all nostalgic pictures have been taken on Hole #2…  as construction work will be starting today (cart path removal). In the next few weeks this entire area will be transformed into the most revered par 3 design in the world… the REDAN.

The center of the new green is marked by 3 orange flags and outline painted in orange.


In the following picture a MVCC flag is placed in this location and the yardage to it from center of existing tees is:

GOLD:  205  (from current back tee on on #16)

BLUE:  180 (from current left blue teebox)

COPPER: 155 (from current left copper teebox)

GREEN:  New forward tee will be built… from existing tee = 140 yds


The front opening will be 20+ yards wide and the new REDAN green will be 8300+ sq feet… 3000 sq feet larger than old green!



Traffic during construction will hug the OB line to #3 tee… this will be the route of the new cart path. We will keep you informed on construction progress on Hole #2 REDAN in the days ahead.

Our Project Plan Document (PPD) has been updated with Bill Bergin’s narrative and current drawings for #2… along with # 9 DOUBLE PLATEAU & #11 BIARRITZ.